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The five walks from Ditchling village set out from the Village Hall Car Park situated 100 yards east of the crossroads. The walks we have chosen follow the four points of the compass, with two heading north, and pass ancient farms, the three parish churches and local landmarks including Ditchling Beacon and Oldiand Mill. We do not attempt to describe such points of interest in detail - this will have been done elsewhere - but if you are curious a visit to Ditchling Museum, housed in the old Victorian school north of the church, will prove interesting.

The village of Ditchling has its origins in Saxon times although evidence has been found of occupation in the Stone Age period. The parish church, dedicated to St. Margaret of Antioch dates mainly from the 13th century and you will see all periods of architecture from medieaval to the present represented in the houses as you walk through the village. A general change in working patterns has meant that only a few residents now earn their living by working in the village - most householders travel elsewhere, many commuting to London. A hundred years ago this was not so for Ditchling was a thriving self-contained village where a wide variety of tradesmen served their own community, while the majority of the population were farm labourers and their families. However, modern Ditchling retains a sense of community through its churches, village school and many societies. We hope to show how important the footpaths were to the village and its neighbouring parishes in the past and how enjoyable they can be to the present and future generations.

Walk 1 - Lodge Hill

Walk 2 - Three Churches
Walk 3 - The Beacon
Walk 4 - Blackbrook Wood
Walk 5 - Court Garden Farm
Country Walk

Parish Walks By Ditchling Westmeston and Streat Footpaths Society.

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