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About the Ditchling Village Association

The Ditchling Village Association (DVA) was formed in 1947 to co-ordinate the activities of the various clubs and societies in the Village and continues as an organizing body working in co-ordination with numerous and varied local organisations to promote co-operation between all sections of the community.

The stated objectives are:

To unite all who live in Ditchling for the good of all.

  • To promote the welfare and well-being of all who live in Ditchling.
  • To help support and encourage each Council, Society and Club to fulfil its particular objectives.
  • All parish residents are automatically a member of the DVA and therefore entitled to attend all meetings. Additionally, each association nominates a representative. The Officers are elected annually.

The Ditchling Village Association (DVA) works as a co-ordinator between all the organisations - formal and informal - within the village. It serves as a platform to bring together all factions of the village for combined events, such as the Village Fair, Newcomers Party, Coffee Mornings, etc.

It also provides support to all its associated individual organisations and societies, who in turn reciprocate to make all the village events truly "family" affairs!


Current Officers of the DVA:

Chairman              Mrs Catharine Robinson

Hon. Treasurer    Mrs Clare Holmes

Hon. Secretary    Dr Neil Iosson   

Village Representatives:

These representatives are available to you if you wish to raise any issues etc., where the Ditchling Village Association may be of assistance:

Mrs Mary Holman  Appleshade, 38 East End Lane

Mr Roy Burman   Tovey Lodge, Underhill Lane

Mr John Willis      15 East Gardens

Ms Paula Napier

Contacting DVA:

Please use the ‘Contact us’ link on this website - click here

Our Inspiration:

Oh! There is gorse on Ditchling
All golden in the sun,
And sweeping slopes of Downland
Where gold cloud-shadows run,
And Caburn silver misted,
And Chancton’s sunset Ring,
And little Clayton laughing
In wonder at the Spring.

The narrow road to Ditchling,
The old white road I love –
There’s open Down beside it
And open sky above.
Unlorded, brave and lonely
It runs from end to end,
The skylark for companion,
The sea wind for a friend.

But we who’ve stood on Ditchling,
And watch’d the red sun set
Behind the hills at Fulking-
We shall not soon forget.
Mount Harry, grey and quiet,
Crown’d Cissbury tinged with fire
Or royal, happy Ditchling,
The haven of desire!

Extract from a poem “Ditchling Beacon” by Alfred Bathurst Norman
written in May 1917

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