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Privacy Information & DVA Compliance with Data Protection Regulations

The Ditchling Village Association (DVA) has carefully considered its obligations under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which come into force on 25th May 2018.  Full details are available on request from

Personal data associated with the operation of the website is held within secure databases on the website server.  This data is controlled separately from other personal data held by DVA.  This note is intended to summarise the policies in place to control and safeguard the personal data held by the website.

Information held by the website:

Information provided by member organisations and companies, and their representatives, comprising:  Contact name, email address, address, phone number, membership category, member website URL (where applicable), payment status (where applicable).   

Use of personal information:

Personal information is used only to provide the available website services and to allow for necessary communications, including the following: 

Providing website directory information, billing for services;

Email services: Communicating with members, customers, marketing list subscribers and public enquiries.

Personal information is never shared with others unless this has expressly been agreed to by the member concerned.

Availability of personal information on the website:

The primary purpose of the website is to provide information regarding village organisations and events.  Each member / organisation has direct control over the content of their ‘page’ on the website.  The default basis for providing member information is to:

  • provide a link to the member’s own website (where applicable) and
  • provide for email contact to be made via a ‘Contact Member’ form (which prevents direct access to the member email address)
  • no contact name or telephone number is provided (referred to as ‘limit’ option). 

Option to provide ‘full’ information:

Members can choose an option that allows a contact name and telephone number to be viewable on their member page.  Also the content of the text included on a member page (or an event page) can include personal contact details, but this only applies to those cases where the member has opted to include this information. 

Your rights regarding personal information held by the website:

Any individual or member may request a copy of the membership details held, or ask for any incorrect information to be corrected or deleted.  Please contact either the website controller ( or secretary of DVA (   

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