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Rosemary Pavey

Rosemary Pavey

Nos. 6 and 8 at Dumbrell's are the workshops of local painter and writer Rosemary Pavey, housing a permanent display of prints, cards and original paintings for sale, together with work in progress and the sort of creative chaos only to be expected in an artist's studio.

Visitors are always welcome.  Call by on a Saturday morning between 10.30 and 1.00 to have a look around, or e.mail me if you wish to visit at another time and I will make sure the studio is open. I am there most days of the week, but my working times vary.

I also hold regular exhibitions and open days, so please do keep an eye out for these or visit my website for more information.

Paintings of local interest, landscapes, nature studies, still life, interiors and more, in watercolour, gouche, oils and different drawing media.

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Updated:  27 Apr 2016
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