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Honey Beeswax

Honey Beeswax

Honey Beeswax began by making handrolled Beeswax Candles. We wanted to do something to help the Charity Action on Addiction We donate 10p per Candle to this Charity and 10% of our online sales go to different Global Giving projects.

We also sell beautiful Avoca Throws, Baby Blankets, Scarves, Socks, Hats and Gloves, Dr Oetker Cookery Books, T-Light Holders made from Slate from a family run welsh slate mine, Flower Candles from Thailand and lovely Swedish Jul Cards, Napkins, Matchboxes and Advent Calendars

We make Birch Bark Containers, Confetti Cones, Felt, wooden Plant Labels and Fat Flower Fairy Lavender Kits from our own Lavendar. We sell our products online, in some local stores and at markets.  Please have a look on our website. 

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Updated:  27 Apr 2016

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