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Plants for Sale at the Bottom of Open House Garden

Plants for Sale at the Bottom of Open House Garden

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7 May 2017

If you are going down to Brighton to visit the Open Houses during 4 weekends in May - our small Woolly Animal Sculptures and Herbs are part of one of them.

You can find them in the kitchen - our favorite place at -

77 Ditchling Rise - Nature versus Nurture - part of the Beyond the Level Trail.

Love you to visit - we can also make to order - please contact us

Four other jewellers, illustrators and painters are also taking part in this house including Zoe Charlotte from the Ditchling Museum.

Our plants are organically grown and can be found at the bottom of the garden to this house - Today there is - Sage, Lavender, Thyme, Peppermint, Alpine Strawberrys and some trays of Poached Egg Plants.

See Brighton Open House - Nature versus Nurture.

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