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Ditchling Village Fair 2018

13 Feb 2017



Dear Neighbour and member of the Ditchling Village Community,

June 2016 saw the return of our wonderful Village Fair, 704 years after the first one and with the wonderful theme of ‘Kith, Kin and Community’, celebrating the strong community spirit within our village.

I hope you all had the opportunity to enjoy the marvellous day and experience everything that was on offer. From the lively Jack and Jill race in the morning, the brilliant Spoken Word Tent throughout the afternoon and the great evening festivities, there was so much going on and I would like to personally thank every person who was involved in making it happen.

The next Fair will be on Saturday 16th June 2018 and we are now beginning to look for volunteers to help form the new Fair committee in preparation for that great day. The Broadbent Smith family have been involved in running Ditchling Fair for over 20 years and are now hanging up their hats. On behalf of the village we express our grateful thanks.

Over the many years that the fair has run, it has been identified that what we need for a Committee are people with enthusiasm, commitment and with lots of ‘staying power’. Experience has shown that the committee needs people with a broad range of skills to help with the multitude of tasks including such things as:

Website and social media management

Fair programme advertising and sponsorship liaising

Programme design

Road sign and Marshall coordination

Stall holder organisation/coordination

and many more.

The core group of the Fair Committee for the 2016 Fair had just eight volunteers, which put a huge strain on the number of tasks each person had to do. If we are able to get more volunteers involved for the next Fair, the work becomes much easier for everyone. Olivia Broadbent Smith has kindly recorded in a wonderful handbook providing us with all of her experiences and decisions made in running the 2016 Fair.

Sadly, should we be unable to raise interest in forming a new committee to develop the 2018 Fair, this historical event will disappear from our village!

The Ditchling Village Association has historically been responsible for the continuation of the Fair as the funding from each Fair goes towards several events that are organised annually by the DVA, including the Newcomers Party, which many of you now living in our lovely village, have enjoyed. It also funds the monthly coffee mornings, village sports day, Christmas event and incidental expenses that occur with the many societies that we, the Ditchling Village Association support.

It is now over to you as a villager to make yourselves know to us, and help continue this living, breathing organisation that is over 700 years old. It would be such a pity that this wonderful legacy would be lost to all the younger generations of children being raised in the village, because we think 'oh someone else will do it’. The more people we have the less work for all.

Even if you think you can help in the smallest way please sign and return to the post office or email


I would be interested in becoming involved  (PLEASE PRINT) 

My name is :-

My email is :-

My phone contact is :-


For and on Behalf of the Ditchling Village Association

Catharine Robinson & Mercedes Madden

Chairman &       Deputy Chairman

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