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The Breadwinner - Film by the Ditchling Film Society

Thursday 6 December 2018, 8:00 pm

Ditchling Village Hall

This story is adapted from Deborah Ellis’s novel, based on her interviews with girls and women in the refugee camps in Pakistan.
A courageous girl seeks to save her father from the Taliban in Afghanistan. Fitting between a mythical past and a down to earth present, the story is full of scary monsters — from fantastical demons to all-too-real landmines and brutal beatings. The breadwinner looks through the eyes of a resilient young girl whose courage is our guide.
Our first encounter with the girl, Parvana, is on the streets of Kabul, where she is helping her father sell their meagre goods.After her father is arrested by the Taliban, it is no longer posible for Parvana’s family to buy food, since women cannot leave the house unchaperoned. Parvan dresses as a boy, in the clothes of her own dead brother and, as a boy, experiences a whole new world — a magic carpet ride full of vibrant colour and bustling life.
The storm clouds of war are gathering once more and Parvana must secure her father’s release from the Taliban before it is too late. In parallel with the story of Parvana, there is a history of Afghanistan, told as a fable.
Director Nora Twomey English 2017 12A 127 mins

Admission: Doors open at 7:30 pm Free to members. Guest Members pay £5 for admission on the night

Contact: John Jenkins

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