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Denial Film

Thursday 15 February 2018, 8:00 pm

Ditchling Village Hall


In 1996, the historian Deborah Lipstadt was pursued in the UK courts by the notorious Holocaust denier David Irving, for calling him a falsifier of history in her book Denying the Holocaust. It stars Rachel Weisz as Lipstadt and Timothy Spall as Irving. Denial is fashionable again. Irving gloats at the way “alt–right” fascists are threatening to make him and his poisonous flat-earthery acceptable once more. The US president himself believes in “alternative facts”. The film is a breath of fresh air.
Director Mick Jackson English 2016 12A 169 mins.

Admission: Doors open 7:30 pm Members free £5 for Guest Members

Contact: John Jenkins 01273 846359

Member: Ditchling Film Society
Type of Event: Film
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